We're getting married + we're moving!

wedding-sign.jpgWe have finally decided on THE DATE! The civil ceremony will be held on Monday, 3rd September 2007 in Putrajaya. All friends and families are invited to join us as witnesses to our wedding.

Instead of wedding dinner, we’re organising a BBQ. Invitation will be sent out ASAP.

After our wedding, we’ll be relocating to London as I’ve been offered a position there. Dav will join me in London as well. Such exciting times!!!


6 thoughts on “We're getting married + we're moving!

  1. it’s a great, big step that the two of you are getting married and moving out of the country. BRAVO!!! i wish you both the best.

  2. Thanks!

    Serene – Not sure abt the date yet as we’re still waiting for the visa. We’re aiming for the last week of September as my employment in London starts on 1 Oct! đŸ™‚

  3. Looking around when your interesting and touching website attracted me. Just want to drop by to say;


    Do keep on the great journey and all the best… =)

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