First time Mac user


That’s my Macbook! So finally, i’ve decided to get my own personal laptop and I’ve choosen to get a Macbook…. why I choose Mac over PC? Well, I can honestly say I was influenced and pursuaded by my colleagues (2 to be precised!). This happened when I was in Korea. 2 of them have macbook with them and they voluntarily explained to me how good it was and how it works. One even borrowed his for me to use one nite (as my work laptop kaputed)!

So since I was already smitten by the design and functionalities, I started researching on the price. Not surprisingly I found out it costs more to buy Mac products in KL! The cheapest to get Mac products is in USA. Of course no one is going to the states anytime soon. The next best location would either be HK or Singapore. Lucky for me Dav was in HK at that time so I asked him to check it out. Can you imagine, the price was way cheaper even after I upgraded!! So here’s the specs of my macbook

  • 13′ White Macbook
  • 2.16 Ghz Processor
  • 120Gb Hard driveThe difference between mine and the black one is only the hard drive space. I did consider the black ones but feel that I want to stick to Mac’s colour, which is WHITE! hehehehe

    I have to admin it takes some getting used to. Dav was quite frustrated when he sees me used the macbook cos it takes so long for me to complete certain tasks. But I believe i’ll get used to it soon and will be able to use this machine to its fullest potential!!

    Welcome me to the Mac World! 🙂

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    2 thoughts on “First time Mac user

    1. so yeah, is it hot? hahaha.. i think it shud be fine in air conditioned room tho.

      the interface is really cool. i fell in love with it right away. tho it took me a while to get used to mac os too.

      i miss having one…. 🙂

    2. Welcome!!! Finally! It’s real easy to use la, trust me, I’m blur at all these technical stuff and I’m still surviving on mac 😀 Best part is it’s not so prone to viruses.

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