addiction to facebook

it’s amazing wat an online tool can do to you.I’m not saying I’m addicted to Facebook, but I think some of my friends are. I guess it’s easy to understand why it’s such an addictive tool.

  • It’s damn easy to use, compare to an ordinary blog. Can just add interesting application and move the layout around. Not like an ordinary blog, hv to know how to HTML in order to add basic functionalities!!
  • Social networking tool. Just a click and you’re connected to your long lost friend who’s currently 10,000 miles away from you. Can even share photos!
  • Did i say it’s easy to use?? hahahahahah

I do have to admit though that I’ve been playing around with it more than updating my blog! But that’s partly cos my one and only laptop (from work) is still not working!For those who have not joined in the fun… do try it out!  


One thought on “addiction to facebook

  1. It’s amazing babe, during my trip to Monterey / Carmel in US, I have met with an amazing bunch of travelers from all over. I was staying in a hostel, and we met up there and hanged out.

    The hostel was a really nice cabin like place that wasn’t expensive at all. Anyways, they have a huge map with pins all over them. It is customary for travelers to pin where they are from on the map. I have added mine as well, there are 2 pins from Malaysia in total 🙂

    We had fun going around in the rented car and cooked dishes from our own country. In the end we parted ways, this was about 2 years ago, one of them found me through Facebook eventhough we have never kept in touch!

    How amazing was that…

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