What's going on?

Since I don’t have my laptop, I haven’t got the chance to blog and post up pics. Sorry, but since I have access to Facebook from office, I’ve been going in to Facebook to update my stuff. ahahahahhaa bad bad bad.. must keep blogging here!! :PSo while David is enjoying himself in HK, I’m enjoying myself in Seoul….. not really. I really cant wait to go home. 1.5 more wks to go before my departure back to KL (flying on 2 Aug). I’ve really enjoyed working with this group of my colleagues here. Everyone is quite fun and easy going. We did alot of things together. Here’s the summary:

  • Clubbing – 2 times, in Beijing and Seoul
  • Karaoke – 2 times (birthday celebrations)
  • Touristy activities – I think we have discovered most of Seoul and a quick tour of Beijing
  • Shopping – walked alot this wkend trying to do last minute shopping
  • Watch movie – once to watch Transformer

I’ve got some really funny and good pics. Most of them taken by my colleagues. Will upload them when I’m home.Going to sleep. Gd nite. 


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