Change Agent

We have been working ‘very hard’ ever since the last photo updates..I did a day trip to Shenzhen office to check out the network and resolve some Internet issues. It wasn’t an easy trip, I’m beginning to relate more how tough an auditor job could be. Coming in as a 3rd party to resolve issues and improve processes, you get a lot of resistance. There’s a lesson to learn here, get the people affected by the change in to the project early. Communicating that ultimately the change will be good for them and they are needed in the process.

Anyways, here’s some photos that was taken from our excursion in HKG

Checking out Mongkok’s weird denizens.

HKG is the only place I have seen that uses Bambo as the scaffolding. Pretty cool idea and good for the environment as the material is recyclable.

Too many ppl, too little chicks

Went to a wet market near Lan Kwai Fong yesterday, and we decided to cook, ended up buying goods worth HKD 700!! just for this meal.. crazy.

Graffitti near the market


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