Bad Day

Ok.. this is not a good day at all!!!!!

Firstly kena bashed by both my sis for being FAT! It’s already a reality…. quite hard to control esp when I’m travelling so much. Of course I know it’s bad for health… am gonna try my best to keep fit. Been walking alot in Seoul… have to walk back to hotel from office everyday – up the hill! Also, Dav has been making me walk out far far for dinner. đŸ™‚

Then my fairly new laptop (about 6 months old) crashed after lunch… dont ask me why, it’s one of those unexplainable IT fault that happens without a reason. I didnt even dropped my machine! Luckily I only lost my personal files as I backup my work files yesterday.. lucky lucky lucky However now I have to find an alternative machine to work on… cant fix my machine in Korea.

Things could be worse I guess.


3 thoughts on “Bad Day

  1. Oh dear…I’m having a terrible day too. Something bad happened in theatre and then I got told that I have to do a night shift tonight because someone called in sick :(:(

    It can only go up from here – here’s to the both of us!

  2. Hmm your sis is right. LOL. Psst..don’t wear Pink. It doesn’t help. Trust me. Black is a much nicer colour.

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