Sightseeing day

Yesterday was our Seoul sightseeing day. We were out the whole day & nite, checking out the famous Korean markets, taste local Korean food and even visited one Palace. All these were done by using the local Metro system.

You’ll realise the pics taken were mainly of people as Dav recently wanted to move away from taking pics of landscape.


View of Gangnam District from our hotel room. We’re staying in Novotel.


Typical view of Korean streets.


Trying out local food.


Bored… waitin for the English speaking tour at the palace. Cant go in without joining the tour.


This pic quite funny. Dav looks comical! This is at one of the famous market.


Me asking for directions. This happen quite often.
You go far far away!!


7 thoughts on “Sightseeing day

  1. Dav….pls pls stop my sis’s big appetite! She’s getting bigger….she now looks like when i was pregnant…..

  2. i challenge u…..see who manage to lose some weight by the time u come back…..u lighter or ME!!!! hahaha

    For ur own good sis…….family has history of diabetes, high blood…..list goes on.

  3. omg 2che . you fat ad ! you look as if you are pregnant ! haha . & my school got championship for this year’s cheer 2007 (:

  4. I am confidence that Tache will win the weight loss competition this round. Dav y better watch her up or she will be double this size when pregnant.

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