Back to Korea

I’ve come back to Seoul for the second time for work. Were here exactly a year ago. The only difference this time is I’ll be here for 2 months instead of 2 weeks. Luckily Dav is here with me now for about 2 wks before he head back to HK for work.

Been very busy first few days at work attending meetings, understanding the business here and flew to another city for factory visit (day trip).

But food has been good… cant go wrong with Korean food. Plus the seju is just fabulous!


3 thoughts on “Back to Korea

  1. I love Korean food too!!! Mmm…eat on my behalf ya? Is that famous shopping street still there in Seoul? For the life of me I can’t remember it’s name – Korean shopping is pretty good too 😉

  2. Really? I didn’t think the won was that strong the last time I was there. But then again darling parents paid for everything 🙂 Neber mind…don’t shop, just eat :):) Take care over there and enjoy the marvellous warm weather!

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