New toys

I remember back in 2005, I saw a review of a very cute radio which was made of plush soft toy in the shape of a pink monkey head. Check out my post at our old blog –

So, on the day I left HK, I thought to myself, “Wow not bad… I didnt buy anything.” ie. didnt waste money. Then I pass buy this shop in the airport and saw some cute stuff being displayed. The one that caught my eye was soft toy with an in-built speaker for MP3/CD/MD etc player!!

I ended up buying two.. cute one for my younger sis (her birthday is coming up) and another useful yet creative one for my baby. It wasnt that expensive too, which is good. One costs around RM50. It is designed by Hongkie and made in HK too. Check it out.


This is the one I like best. Can you guess where’s the speaker?


Dave has always wanted a neck pillow for his trip, this will look quite cool, dont u think? hehehehe 🙂


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