Weird Neighbour

I’ve been staying at my current place for the past 15 years… one particular neighbour who stay opposite my house has a very peculiar habit. Let me set the scene.

She is a single mother living with her adopted married daugher. So this means she’s quite free. She has the tendency to ‘spy’ on us (my sister and I). Actually particularly my immediate younger sis. My sister of course go out alot (actually me too la) and will stay out till late at nite. Sometimes even go out in the middle of the nite like 3/ 4 am in the morning (she say go eat nasi lemak, hahaha). So when my parents happens to be outside the house gate and the neighbour is also outside, she would ‘comment’ to my parents that my sis always go out.

Sometimes she even stand behind the door and peep out to see who is going out or coming back. How ‘kay-poh’ is that ?!? (kay-poh means busy body in hokkien). She would take notice of our activities.

Today it was raining and I was watching tv from my parents room when I noticed this particular neighbour taking an umbrella walking around her house’s porch. I would understand if she’s taking the clothes in… but no, she was observing her plants and mingling around the water buckets. Aiyo.. it’s raining man, cant you do that after??

How weird is that??

I cant stop myself from taking a pic of her from opposite.


Note: Pic was taken using my new handphone, Nokia N73! 😛


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