Social Network Websites

I’m quite amazed with the number of social network websites currently available to everyone, everywhere! I wasnt gonna complain about it until recently when I got a request to join Facebook, the latest social network website which mushroomed in the world wide web.

I dont pay much attention to social network. All I have is my blog and my Friendster website. Then an ex-collegue asked me to join Ringo… ok fine. Then few months later another friend asked me to join Multiply… ok fine. I got kinda fed-up when Hi5 keep bugging me to join them too. The ultimate is when I got an invite to join Facebook. What the hell?!?!?!

The only social network websites that I really bother updating it Friendster. But I was reading an article in Newsweek about how Myspace is getting stiff competition from Facebook. When it is published in THAT magazine, I got to check it out and see how it looks like, what you can do on the website, etc, etc, etc.

I’m actually quite amazed by Facebook. It’s really user friendly. You can customise your own website just by clicking and dragging the boxes around. No need to know anything about html, xml, etc. I think it’s even better than Friendster. But I’m too lazy to start looking up all my friends again in Facebook. And dont worry I wont invite you guys into Facebook unless you want me too. 🙂

The other think I’m surprised is to find a network of ppl in Facebook under the name of the company I’m working for!! As if it’s not bad enough that you see/ deal with your colleagues at least 8 hours a day, either face-by-face or by emails, outside your working hours you also want to create a social network with them??? Sigh…  ppl, please get a life la….

I dont quite understand the usage of social network. For me, Friendster was all about looking for long lost friend, those you have not been in contact with for several years. Some of my friends (not gonna name names, dont worry :P) actually have this target on the number of friends they wanna include into their friends list (eg. to get 88 friends). So sometimes they may add ppl whom they dont really know. I guess this is a kind of tool to help them get to know stranger…. hahahah this reminds me of talking to stranger on ICQ / IRC. This is really no different huh…. I think I’m too old for these things.

So which one do you subscribe to and what do you use it for? You’re welcome to share your thoughts!

p/s (1): I’m surprised to ‘bumped’ into Dav in Facebook. He didnt mentioned he has an account!

p/s (2): He has 3 FEMALE friends in Facebook…. hmm…. 


One thought on “Social Network Websites

  1. Am on and only on Friendster..I’ve dumped the rest as like u I can’t be bothered updating and I managed to pick up close to 60% of my high school mates through Friendster…btw a local paper recently said Malaysians made Friendster number 1 as 20something percent of its user base is in Malaysia..followed by Phillipines…

    with regards to ps2: better watch out!! hehehe just kidding

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