Visit to Dalí Theater and Museum

I had one free day during my stay in Peralada. Of course I wont waste my time sleeping or watching tv in my room. So I asked for recommendation on the things I can do and one of the most interesting recommendation was to visit Salvador Dalí Museum. If you dunno who is Salvador Dalí, please google. He’s quite famous. 😛

The Dalí Theater and Museum is situated in a town called Figueres, approx 20 mins away from Peralada. He was born in this town. From what I read, he also personally decorated this museum with his own artwork. Btw, he is also buried here.

Here’s some pics I took.


The roof was decorated with eggs-looking stuff.


The courtyard was decorated with yet another weird looking sculture. The museum also has a huge dome.


The other side of the courtyard.


Jesus in a cross … as seen by Dalí.



This one quite funny. It’s actually called ‘Soft Self Portrait with Fried Bacon’. Dont trust me, google it.


Another one of his sculpture.


Even the walkway to the staircase is not being neglected.


View of the courtyard from third floor.

After walking for an hour, I find his drawing and sculpture quite disturbing. Was feeling quite sick at the end. However there is this cartoon-ish collection of his that really emphasize on penis and nipples, which is quite funny. Let me check online and see if I can find some and post it here.

Joyce, you must try and include this museum into your itinerary for next yr’s trip!


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