Exciting Group Activities

We had a scavenger hunt around town organised on our second nite. It’s not like a normal treasure hunt where you just look for answers to the questions. This hunt requires us to look for and interact with 5 characters to get special keys which is more important than getting answers to the questions.

It’s summer in SPain now.. so the sun dont set until about 930pm… we started the hunt at abt 630pm and finished at 9pm. But it wont look like it’s evening in Spain cos it’s quite very much like in the afternoon, which is quite weird.


My team trying to figure out where to go


This is a mandatory stop in a cafe where we had to try a local cake and guess what’s the 3 typical ingredients used to make the cake. Besides the cake, we were also served a glass of champagne.


First character we have to visit is the casino’s dealer. We had to bet against the dealer and win 3 times before she can give us the key.


Third character we met was ‘Dali’ and the task was to draw one of his famous paintings! Luckily we had quite a few good artists in our team.


This is the last stop, we had to built a colosseum from the given breaks.

My team didnt win the game, but we had alot of fun. We literally walked around the town for 1 1/2 hours looking for clues and the characters. Wished we had more group activities like this one.


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