Audit Conference

This year the agenda of the global audit conference actually mentioned the conference will be held in Barcelona. BUT we were fooled…. the location of the conference is actually 2 hours drive away from Barcelona, in a small town called Peralada.

We were put up in a 5 star golf resort called, Hotel Golf Peralada Ampurdan. It’s actually quite a nice place. Soothing, peaceful, quiet…. To me that translate to nothing to do! This place is famous for it’s Wine Spa!!! Very tempted to try but it’s just too expensive. Can use that kind of money to better use…. So, of course not forgetting, there’s lots of winery aroud the resort too. We tried wine tasting one nite.. wasnt that good. Just ok.
The town is so small you can finish discovering the place in under 30 minutes. The resort is abt 20mins walk away from the town. There is even a small casino.

Here’s some pics taken.


First batch of colleagues who just arrived from all around the world, hanging out on a sunday afternoon. Can you spot me?


This is the entrance to the resort’s reception.


A view of the 18 hole golf course.


Peralada town. Look at the walls and the road… so small. Just enough for one car to get through.


The one and only cathedral in town.


Sunday afternoon walk – discovering the town with colleagues.


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