Kowloon Hongkong, Hongkong Kowloon

There is a song my cousin introduced to me when I was very young with the chorus ‘Kowloon Hong Kong, Hong Kong Kowloon’ … this song is stuck in my head forever. And so this is the first song I sang when I arrived in HK 2 wkend ago. 2 weeks later Dav is crazy about another song, sang by Samuel Hui, which has the word ‘Tsim Sha Tsui Suzy….’ there is just too many songs that remind us of HK.

So i’m leaving tmrw. Flying off to Barcelona with a colleague. Havent been taking any pics cos I dont hv my camera with me. Dav took some, but need to wait for him to download them.

Didnt do much for the past 2 wks except to try out all the local food. So obviously I’ve put on some weight. There’s just endless amount of food to try here. Definitely not for those who cant have pork!

I’ve tried out the hotpot, porridge with ‘yau char kwai’, fresh seafood, dessert (HK ppl are crazy abt Mango… they have so many kind of mango dessert!), etc etc etc… so we’re never short of ideas on where to eat.

Besides eating, we only managed to walk ard Central, Mid-level and some places in the west of HK island. Somehow there’s nothing much to discover… I think it’s also becos Dav has been here before.

Btw, I think HK is too congested for my liking…. everyone i turn i see alot of ppl. You know the chinese term – people mountain, people sea… that’s HK!


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