Road trip #2

It was a last minute decision. This morning we drove up north to Penang at 0600 to visit Dav’s bro. And of course food is the other major reason…. this will be a very short trip. We’re going to head home tmrw (Sun) probably in the afternoon.

Journey over ere was quite ok. Dav drove majority of the time even though he was working the whole nite with only 15 mins of nap. Upon arrival, first thing we did was to have brunch at SuperTanker… this place is massive with ALOT of different kind of food for selection. After that we went back to his bro’s place to rest and hv a nap.

For lunch it was chicken rice… tea time, we had very nice fried bananas, asam laksa and the most unique of all chee cheong fun with peanut butter sauce!!!!!! Never had I tried this in my life… initially i thought it would be very weird… but after tryin it.. it actually tasted very very good. We might tapau some home tmrw.. hehehehe

Then we went off to Kompar in such of the famous cendol… I’m impressed we didnt get lost while tryin to locate the stall. We even found a car park which is within walking distance to the stall… and so we had our cendol.

Am waiting for Dav to finish work now so that we can go and have our seafood dinner!! 🙂


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