Long holidays – But i'm not on holidays

There’s a series of public holidays in Msia which falls around the wkend too. It’s good, I can actually take a breather from work and travelling… been staying at home recuperating from being sick, catching up with friends and did a quick spring cleaning in my room today. I’m proud to say my room is dust free now (the room has been gathering quite abit of dust as I’ve been away for soo long).

As you all know, Dav is away. My parents thought that I’ll be home alot since my partner is not around… how wrong that is!! I’ve been well known for not being home much… whether Dav is around or not … hahahaha

Past few days were spent with my gf (schoolmate) who is getting married this coming Oct. The only thing she has done is confirm a location for the wedding dinner. So I’ve been accompanying her to scout for the wedding rings and checking out bridal studios around SS2. It was quite an entertaining process… Although I’m engaged, I’m not interested in any of those 2 items mentioned. Please go back and read about our ideal wedding.

Oh i also went to the cinema to watch a midnite show yesterday with my ‘horror movies freak fans’ friends. We just felt like catchin a movie and off we went to 1U and simply choose the movie… we ended up watch ‘The Hills have Eyes 2’. The verdict – GROSS, GRUESOME and YUCKS! Let me just say I close my eyes half the time….

Since my dad is away on business trip, my mum was home alone. So I took her over to my sis place to visit her grandson, have dinner with them and lepak at her new house for a few hours. At least my mum wont be bored at home.

Thats all ….. time to ZZzzzZZzzz


3 thoughts on “Long holidays – But i'm not on holidays

  1. Excuse moi!! It was Amir who made the decision to watch that movie ok…’horro freak fan’ indeed. Oh and did I mention he enjoyed it! After watching, I think I would have preferred his first choice…you know the TMNT one..

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