fallin sick

stop telling me that i’m always sick! i’m bored of hearing it… if you havent realise, i only get sick when i’m back in KL. had sore throat since yesterday and this morning my throat got worse and my nose is running…. hahahah got runnin nose ler…

the reason why i’m sick could be due to

  1. changes in weather? – from cold (london) to wet (barcelona) to hot (dubai) to wet/ hot (kl)
  2. not enough rest – well i have been travelling non-stop for the past 7 wks
  3. me miss dav - i think this one not very valid la.. hahahaha

One thought on “fallin sick

  1. hey babe, missed ya too. weather is great in LA. cool but not cold, it’s about 15 celsius.

    i’m still suffering from jetlag, was dozing off in the afternoon in client’s office.. gonna try and exercise in the morning and drink more water..

    found out 2 interesting fact here about my collegues / client in LA

    (1) one of them starred in an episode in Scrubs! He’s an actor since young.
    It was supposd to be showing tonight but I missed the episode as we came back late, I will post up the episode once I get more details.
    (2) Bruce Willis actually ordered some of our products!!

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