Meeting Zhang Su Li

We had enlisted a writer named Kim. Found out that she wrote a book and lives in Kuala Lumpur. Although I haven’t read the book, which is titled “A Backpack and a Bit of Luck: Stories of a traveller with no sense of direction“, my first impression was that she is an adventurous person.

Honestly I’m always proud to hear stories of successes of fellow Malaysians. This is great, in this trip itself, I have met up with 2 such person. One has succesfully set up a thriving cafe business in HKG, UK and US while another had wrote a book that is listed in Border’s top 10.

I’m no good at writing stuff, and am always striving to imporve it (not via the blog) but by writing clear and concise emails, documents and etc. So I’m always stuck with a certain format,  i.e. Title, Summary, Meat of the story.. etc. One advice that I received from Su Li was to write as how I would normally converse to people. This will be more natural and interesting..

Anyway, what do you think?


7 thoughts on “Meeting Zhang Su Li

  1. Interesting, that’s how I normally write on the blog too. As for email, depending on who the reciepient is.. of course, the email wil be more formal if it’s business related.

    Not sure if it helps, but I normally talk in my brain when I type… 🙂

  2. From one avid (leisure) writer to another : Both your fiance and the writer are spot on.

    A good writer is literally a storytellar, your new best friend. The writer paints the scene, the reader on the other hand accentuates it further with imaginary colours in their head.

    The comment I get most is, “Your email/blog reads like a short story. It’s like you are there in person talking to me – I can hear your voice reading it aloud!”. And they seem to like that 🙂

    Happy doodling!

  3. Hi, thought I’ll pop along and check out people’s blogs… nice !! and your writing style is cute… chatty and interesting… have fun globe trotting..

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