Wedding Plan – Part 1

I’m damn bored today. After preparing for work tmrw, I’ve been researching online for our wedding.

We agreed that this will not be a big wedding… for a start, there wont be a wedding dinner (Yipee!! My parents kinda agree). Also, there wont be wedding studio pictorial… kinda waste of money & time.

So I was surfing the net for some ideas on what to do. There’s the usual beach wedding, garden wedding, civil wedding ceremony made nice (ala not in the g’ment buildings) and there’s even wedding held up in the sky (in Menara KL). Then I stumble upon famous Msian wedding photographer Kid Chan‘s website.

His pics looks really nice. I’m sure he charge damn ALOT. I even saw wedding pics of my ex-EY manager. Didnt know his photographer was Kid Chan… I remember thinking his pics were really romantic with the songs that was played when it was presented in the wedding dinner.

We want a simple, intimate & small wedding. Perhaps you guys got some recommendation?


2 thoughts on “Wedding Plan – Part 1

  1. Stephie! Garden wedding!! Make it chic and romantic, with French styling, so it’ll tie in nicely with where you were engaged. Yah? If too hot, then have a marquee set up for some shade. 🙂

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