Fancy skiing in Dubai… ??!!

I decided to go to Dubai’s biggest shopping mall, Mall of the Emirates to window shop and have dinner. This place is HUGE…. it is after all the biggest shopping mall in the Middle East. After walking for like half an hour i saw an entrance to a place called ‘Ski Dubai’.

Who would hv thought you can ski in hot & sunny Dubai!! Welcome to ‘SKI DUBAI‘… this is effectively Middle East first indoor ski slope (another first? how many claim to fame they need besides the weird looking hotel – Burj Al Arab). Look at the website and the pics I took and you’ll understand why I’m A-M-A-Z-E-D ….

Snow Park

Besides the usual snow activities that you can do (skiing, tobagonning, tubbing, etc), this place have a massive ski cable in it!!! You know, like a cable car but without a roof. The one that you sit on and it’ll carry you to the top of the mountain so that you dont hv to walk up the mountain in your ski gear… Can you see it in the pic?

Ski Slopes

If you cant see it, it’s on the left hand side of the pic. So, one slope is not enough for this place.. it has built a massive 5 slopes that vary in steepness, difficulty and height!! This is only one of it.


Dunno how to ski? No worries… they offer skiing and snow boarding lessons too!!

Check out the links to the websites. It’s really amazing!! Pictures was taken in a restaurant just besides the park…


3 thoughts on “Fancy skiing in Dubai… ??!!

  1. 2Che, the ski cable is called ‘ski lift’ lah. Didn’t u try skiing in Aust? BTW, what date are u coming back to KL?

  2. ski lift, ski cable… no difference to me… n no, i didnt try skiing in Aust.. not my type of sport.

    killjoy – next trip to spore is planned for end of the year.

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