New Look

Check out the new look on our website!! Isnt it amazing??

I luv it, babe!

 p/s (1): am currently in heathrow. barely made it to my flight. long story…. damn frus!! have to run like a mad woman. more to tell when i get home for that ONE day.. sigh.. another long story…

p/s (2): Happy Easter!!


4 thoughts on “New Look

  1. Thanks bud. Didn’t know it looked professional, I was just dabbling ard with photoshop.

    Steph: Glad that you liked it, I was actually thinking of asking you to get the foldable bike from Hamleys! Hehehehe, next time then.

  2. Hey guys, finally checked out your site. I think it looks great and it’s a good way to keep a tabs on you guys since you’re so busy. The ring is beautiful by the way. Let us know if you come back to oz any time soon.

  3. Hi Jade, thanks! of course all the creative design is done by Dav.. i’m merely populating it with words… i’m not a creative person at all!

    As for Oz, I’ll be there in Oct 07… will try n get dav to come along this time. if you’re gonna be in sydney, we can meet up!

    keep in touch

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