the RING

i’m still floating on air!! it’s kinda hard to believe that Dav actually proposed in the MOST ROMANTIC CITY IN THE WORLD + on top of EIFFEL TOWER!

when we were talking along River Sienne, we were giggling all the way, chatting about how we would never have thought both of us would end up in Paris!!

besides being in love with Dav, I’m also in love with my engagement diamond ring. the ring was bought from The Love Diamond, Mid Valley. Here’s the reason why I love it…


The shape of the crown is ‘wavey’


There are 3 little heart shapes holding the diamond. We LOVE the heart shapes. We find that the heart shapes are very unique.. dont see them often on diamond rings.


The ring is engraved with both our names on the inside.


5 thoughts on “the RING

  1. STEPHIE! CONGRATS!!! I’ve not read any blogs for days and my “first” day back I read about such great news!!! 🙂 So happy for you and Dav. Wedding plans, wedding plans, so exciting!!!

  2. Chey… just called J and she told me she knew abt the ring some time back liao. CHEY CHEY CHEY!!!!

    Ok back to the main question…when should J and me take leave for the wedding.

  3. Thanks!

    Mike – shsss! it’s a women thing!! hahahaha we dont hv a date set yet. will let u know once we have confirmed it.

    irene – sorry i only know one irene and she’s from HK. perhaps you’re dav’s friend?

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