We're engaged!

Dav proposed when we were on top of Eiffel Tower! Was not expecting it cos I thought he didnt have the ring with him… apparently he has hidden the ring and was so afraid I would find it!

Anyway, here’s some happy photos.

Eurostar Station

Waterloo Station. Waiting for the Eurostar train to arrive


Eiffel Tower. View from Trocadero. Weather was crap!


He proposed in front of all the visitors! Can u see the strong wind blowing… it was freezing up there!


Yummy Creme brulee! Must try the french dessert….


Going crazy… after all the walking under the rain!

Romantic dinner

Having romantic dinner just opposite Notre Dame

the ring

My engagement ring! I absolutely L-O-V-E it!!

That’s all the pics for now. obviously we took more than this… dont hv time to load it all up. Be patience n wait yea… hehehehe



13 thoughts on “We're engaged!

  1. OMG!!!! Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for both of you. Must throw engagement party la before you leave London 😛

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! And jubilations…

    Remember arr, I offer to do all your travel wedding photography…lols 😀


    What a better way than to propose atop the most romatic tower in the most romantic city in the world :):):)

    So happy for the both of you!! xox

  4. You copied Tomkat huh?? Got “caught in the act” picture some more 😛

    Congrats!!! So happy so excited!! Make sure we meet up when u guys get back k!


  5. Niceeeeee ;D And thank god you’re not home . Marcus can really cry . It woke me up early in the morning on Sunday . Faster come back ! I want souvenirs ;p

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