Six weird things about me

I’ve been tagged by Serene – to list 6 weird things about myself. So here you go!

  1. I like to collect bookmarks and lapel pins. These obsession started when I was in high school.. I remember I would ‘lepak’ in Jaya Shopping Centre every Friday after school and one of my gifts to bring home with me is a bookmark. I keep these items in a little box in my drawer. Once in a while I would take them out and look at them. Some friends who knows abt my collection wld actually buy limited edition lapel pins to add on to my collection.
  2. I hate to see my nails dirty. Whenever I see/ feel that there’s something underneath my nails, I would automatically get something to clean it out… (Dav says I like to clean myself up).
  3. I have to go to the toilet to ‘let go’ before I go to sleep, irregardless of whether my bladder is full or not.
  4. When I’m bored with a book that I’m reading, I would pretend to ‘speed read’ so that I can finish the book quicker… hehehehe
  5. I only shop for my clothes once a year. Although I am a girl, somehow I prefer to shop for gadgets and toys compared to clothes. That’s why u’ll always see me wearing the same set of clothes…
  6. A recent obsession… I love jewellery which has bufferfly on them. Been collecting a few butterfly jewellery, ranging from pendant to rings.

Ok.. not sure if it’s anything weird but I guess it certainly reveals quite abit abt myself. To continue the spirit of tagging ppl, I hereby tag Ednie, Cheryl, Dawn, Ali, Joyce & Mike!


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