Ang pow please….

I went visiting today with my school mates, 3 girls to be exact. We started the tradition of visiting each other houses few years back. Besides going to each other hses to collect the red packets, we also went to 2 married gf’s hse. Abit shy also, like go collect monies from friends…. That’s normally my CNY ‘tradition’. Come back from holiday, arrange to meet up and go visiting. What’s yours?

Dav has been sick for the past few weeks. Might be due to stress from work and studies or not having enough rest & sleep. Gonna bring him to the doc for a checkup tmrw. Hopefully nothing serious. Dont wanna leave with him still feeling sick.

As for the Japan pics, thanks for your comments. Will try and put more up later. Dav said I shld hv perform some ‘touch up’ in PS before posting them. It’s quite alot of hassle having to resize all of the pics, now hv to do extra stuff some more. Please be patience yea.. 🙂


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