Picture time

Here are some of the pics taken in Japan. Will load more later. Enjoy!


Black Hokkaido fox. These are wild animals. Found them at the back of a highway stop shops. There were a few of them roaming around. Even white ones!


This white fox was resting/ sleeping when I took the pic. It’s soooo cute !!!!


Whole family pretending to be F1 drivers! Instead of a F1 car, we got to drive a snow mobile.


Me getting ready to ‘vroommmm  vroommmm’!


That’s the size of the crab we had for lunch.


3 thoughts on “Picture time

  1. WOW! Your younger sis is so big now!!!! It’s amazing how they grow up right before your eyes!

    And your holiday looks so good! I can’t believe you saw those foxes – they look like they were meant to be in a zoo or something.

    Have a safe trip to London dear!

  2. OMG!! The foxes! They’re so cute! You know how I am with animals. Anyways uncle and aunty looks uber cool in those helmets, I’m not kidding! More pictures please 😀

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