Farewell to a friend

Once again I’m delurking and posting a few thoughts. Steph is away on her annual family trip as most of you might have read from her previous posting.

Hope I’m not spoiling the celebration, I have just found out my close college mate passed away from a car accident last year. He was my close friend during college years, we have hanged out and talked about anything and everything. A genius in computer hardware, he was the person to look up to whenever we face any hardware problems.

He came from a broken home, but he has a great determination in achieving his goals. Unlike me, he worked to pay all his college fees. I have always admired his vast knowledge in computers
and his strong will.

As we graduated, things falls in place and we gradually grew apart. I was busy with my own career and life. Last I heard was that he was working in Singapore with another college mate. This news came as a shock, I was actually thinking of organising a gathering to catch up with everyone.

Wherever you are, rest in peace my friend.


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