Chinese New Year!

We just had our family CNY reunion dinner (wayyyy early). Very very yummy! This year it’s quite special cos my younger sis, Jasmine is back from UK to join us for CNY holiday. Everyone is home. And everyone’s other half was also at the dinner.

I’m officially on leave starting tmrw. Took 2 weeks off to rest and also to go for a holiday with my family. We’re leaving next Friday for 7 days holiday in Hokkaido, Japan. Am looking forward to this break, but I have been down with flu/ hayfever (not sure which one it is) and it’s not fun when you find out the weather is ard -10 degrees! Everyone has been questioning who choose the location cos we’re gonna be freezing!!! But I think it will be fun.

I have not been doing much lately…. been tryin to lead a healthy lifesytle… sleep early, wake up early, do yoga in the morning and hv breakfast (am proud to say I hv not skipped any breakfast for the past 2 wks). But still having instant noodles and taking a few drinks here n there. I think i need to be more discipline.

Dav has been very very busy with work and studies. Thus he has not been blogging. So, I’ll update on his behalf. heehehehehe

He has settled in well into his new home in Setia Alam. I have to say it has very good scenery especially in the morning. The air is fresh (according to him) and it’s still very cooling, prolly due to low occupancy. However the only thing I have to complain abt is the amount of mosquitoes!!! As the hse & rooms gets hot, the windows have to be opened at nite… and when that happens, the mosquitoes will self-invite into the hse. I’ve extremely prone to mosquitoes bites. Thus I have been a victim whenever I’m over there. I think we need to think of a solution. First thing came to mind is spraying insect repellent… perhaps it’s a good idea.

If you hv no idea where Setia Alam is, it’s located in between Shah Alam and Klang. PLUS has opened up a new exit especially for the residents of this new area. I think the place is nearer to Klang than Shah Alam. If I’m not wrong, it takes abt 5 mins to drive to Klang Parade. Also, as we’re in Klang, we have been sampling food from around the area.

First stop, the ever famous Klang Bak Kut Teh (BKT)!! Unfortunately I think I have had too many BKT that now I dont really wanna have any for a long long time. We have also checked out the food stalls at the Klang Pasar Pagi and a chinese stall next to Tabung Haji in Klang town. We’ll hv more opportunities to try out other stuff now since he is officially a resident of Klang town… (almost) hehehehe


3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year!

  1. My family thoroughly enjoyed Hokaido when they went last year. They said it was much better than Tokyo itself. Enjoy the snow!!

    I also want to eat Klang food!!! I haven’t been back for a reunion dinner in 10 years now – I really wish I was back this year. After being away from family this long, you really miss them and what Mummy said about family being the most important thing is so true 😦

    And *ahem* should I ask how the ring shopping went *wink*? Must see the ring that rules them all OK? *grin*

  2. Hi… You bought a place in Setia Alam? Which one? In Eco Park or Precinct 8 (dun think anyone moved into Precinct 6 yet)? I got myself a place there as well. But will only be ready in 2008.

    Anyway, just to share with you. A few ‘residents’ have gotten together and setup a site in We have a forum there as well and hope to see you and Dav there! 🙂

  3. Hi Adrian, we didnt buy a place in Setia Alam. However Dav is stayin there with his brother. I think their house is in Setia Indah. Will get Dav to check out the forum. Thanks for visiting!

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