Early bird

Something strange is happening to me. Ever since I got back from Chile, my body clock has changed dramatically. Initially I thought it’s jetlag, but it’s been going on for a week liao.

Normally I’m not a morning person AT ALL. I’ll tend to sleep in as late as possible before waking up to go to work. But for the past week, I’ve been waking up at 6-630am. Dav & I have been taking morning walks and this morning I woke up and did yoga at home. Feels good.

Of course the flip side of waking up early is I’ll be tired/ sleepy by 9-930pm. I wld normally take a nap but that doesnt help much. Perhaps it’s the old age… u know, less sleep, more time…

Let’s see how long this schedule will last… hehehehe


2 thoughts on “Early bird

  1. WOW! You do yoga? Good on you!

    You know, I really should exercise too…but alamak, malas-lah! :P:P I’m going to see how long I can rely on my metabolism (and just how many Max Brenner mocha’s I can drink without turning into a ballon! Last count : 2 in the last week 🙂

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