ding dong bell

another gf is getting married, total count for this year – 3.

the first ipair is my ex-colleagues from EY. they are organising a beach wedding in KK. first of its kind (at least for me). it’s gonna be a blast as most ex-EY ppl will be going. it’s like a mini gathering for us to catch up on old times.

second, also ex-colleague from EY (just the bride). this one quite romantic. fiance proposed in bkk while having dinner @ sirocco. she’s preparing for the traditional wedding.

the third and the latest is my gf from high school. we hv been friends since we were 13! that’s like 15 yrs man!! she’s also preparing for the traditional wedding. we’re planning to have hen’s party overseas… but we have not confirmed on the location yet. i think it wld be fun. we have not had an all girls outing/ trip for a very very long time now. judging from our personalities, i think there’s gonna be alot of ‘drama’. hehehehe

if you’re wondering what i mean by traditional wedding, it’s the normal wedding day where the groom goes n pick up the bride from her house and goes through the tea ceremony in the morning. then at nite there’s the wedding dinner, usually held in hotel ballroom.

my ideal wedding – no wedding dinner, no wedding pictures, no tea ceremony. maybe garden wedding or a wedding reception and hire a photographer to take nice pics during the reception. i have even contemplated a travel wedding. where the bridge n groom wld just go off straight to their honeymoon. i remember my aunt did that when she got married. that wld be simple n nice.

wat’s your dream wedding?


9 thoughts on “ding dong bell

  1. SF!!! I counted 4 to be weddings…. 😐 Well seeing what kind of lives we live and are actually completely opposites from one another, you can bet your sweet ass that there’ll be drama! Somehow it always follows us when we get together… Oh well, at least it will be memorable no?

  2. I’ve never thought about it -seriously! No ideals, no wants, nada.

    Although, my Daddy has said that he doesn’t want his daughter to have the typical Chinese wedding dinner cause he himself has been totured enough by having to attend similar boring dinners! Hahaha.

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