My current sleeping pills

World is Flat

Book Title: The World Is Flat
Author: Thomas L. Friedman

This book came highly recommended by Dav. It’s about globalisation and the current trend of outsourcing. Great insight into business diversification. Interestingly, I found out while in Chile that Sandokan was reading the same book but in Spanish! The other person whom I know reading this book is CCY. Perhaps she has completed it faster than I am. It’s starting to get abit ‘dry’.


  Forgetting Things
Book Title: Forgetting Things
Author: Sigmund Freud

This is book no 31 out of the 70 Pocket Penguins collection I got last year. This book is an extract from one of his most important works, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life. This explores why we forget, how we remember and why our memories can sometimes prove deceptive (Note: extracted from Penguin website). One of his theory why we forget thing is because we subconciously intentionally does it. Let’s see if he teaches how we can remember better.

As for Dav, he is reading Wikinomics (besides his weekly required reading for his studies).



Sounds abit boring? Maybe it is.. hahahaha it’s one of those ‘business book’ his boss recommended him to read. What issit about? I’ve got no idea. I think something abt collaborations and technologies that support it.


One thought on “My current sleeping pills

  1. sorry, didn’t notice this post till now.. ahhaah.. been slightly preoccupied.. but yea, the book is a must read to all who want to get their pants scared off !! a very sobering book – scary but a solid warning to those of us who think that we’re doing well.. many other countries are doing A LOT BETTER… i got CTW to read it as well.. and i believe he’s proclaiming doom from the rooftops now!! Worth a read if ur looking to reading abt the seriousness of the 2 powerhouse factories – China and India – to get to the top!

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