Performance review

My boss is currently in discussion with Sandokan on his 2006 performance. It’s gonna be my turn soon. I am soooo nervous!! Gonna hv to discuss about my development plans too (for those who knows, its gonna be IMPORTANT). I know I’ve done an ok job last year… nothing excellent… at least I got through it ok, I think… ?!? hahahahhahaha

I cant concentrate on writing my report now…. am wondering why it’s taking them so long!! I think it’s been like almost an hour. So to release some stress, I started reading my girlfriends’ blog to see what they have been up to.

First stop, Catty Pants. She’s finishing her rotation in some small town in Melbourne. Was looking at the pics she took and then I noticed she travels with a teddy as well! Hers is called Jose. I cant help but think to myself, how come we like to travel with our little teddies (Of course mine is Max if you have not noticed). Perhaps its something for us to be close to / think about our loved ones when we’re away.

Next stop, Serene Bean. She has just finished organising a wedding for her husband’s best friend. And I have to say, she’s done a good job! Out of no where she implied that her services will be available for anyone who’s next..Got me excited as I didnt know any of our girlfriends is planning to get married. I think she was just joking. Indeed all of us are attached now but I dont foresee any wedding bells soon.. at least not this yr… Unless I’m wrong?

After that it was Sue & Lucinna, both has not updated their blog. I know Sue has been very very busy with her new job. Hopefully she’ll ‘see the light at the end of the tunnel’.

sigh.. they are still not out yet. gonna try and concentrate on writing my report now…. wish me luck!!


5 thoughts on “Performance review

  1. How was it? Good news I hope? I have a friend that travels for residential training with her teddy too. She talks to her teddy before she goes to sleep. Woman, ish!

  2. Hope the performance review went well! I don’t really have one this year as I’m not in any training programme but when I start my new job, I will have to endure getting graded on my performance too -bleh!!!

    And BTW, Jose is a MONKEY, not bear 🙂 He says hello to Max *waves*

  3. I fail to understand. Are you writing your report or your blog?

    I can see why you can’t concentrate on getting your work done. 😛

    Anyway, I am sure you’re performance appraisal went well no doubt.

  4. How did the performance appraisal go?? I’m sure you did well. I don’t like appraisals too, coz I have to “brag” about all the things I’ve done, and it’s kinda weird ya know?! 🙂

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