My first earthquake experience

I had a bad case of diarrhoea yesterday and was resting in my apartment when I felt the building shaking in the afternoon. Initially I thought maybe they were doing some building maintenance but then I saw the building opposite my apartment was also shaking. I thought to myself, maybe it is an earthquake.

My suspicion was confirmed this morning when a local colleague asked me whether I felt the earthquake yesterday. Apparently earthquake occurs almost every week, luckily its only at a small scale.

Another interesting observation was the weather will tend to change the day after the earthquake! We were having nice cooling sunny days for the past 2 weeks and then suddenly this morning it was cloudy and kinda chilling!!

We’re hoping that the sunny weather will come back for our wkend trip to the beach. We’re going to Vina del Mar, which is a popular beach place, 2 hours away from Santiago. Finger crossed! 🙂


5 thoughts on “My first earthquake experience

  1. The funny thing was my boss arrived the day after and when we told him about the earthquake, he actually wished that he had arrived one day earlier just to experience it! so weird…

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