Winery Tour

I went on a winery tour called ‘Tren del Vino‘. It’s a recommended tour by colleague and The itinerary goes like this:

  • Depart Santiago at 8am (we were out at a pub till 12midnite the nite before).
  • 1 1/2 hrs bus journey to San Fernando to hop on a coal-fired steam engine train.
  • Board the train to take another hour journey to Santa Cruz, one of the winery in the region.
  • There is wine and cheese tasting on board the train. There is no limit to the amount wine u can have. So I was tasting several kind of wine, inclusive of the famous chilean red wine called ‘Carmenere’. I think we hard around 5-6 glasses each before we arrived at Santa Cruz.
  • Upon arrival, we were taken to the local museum to learn abt the history of the indigenous ppl in the region.
  • About 2 hours later, we were taken to Santa Cruz vineyard to have lunch. It was an amazing vineyard! The view is just superb! Of course, it was free flow wine again during lunch.
  • After that it was wine tour to find out how wine is produced and tour ard the facilities.
  • Then it was a 3 hour bus journey back to Santiago.

This tour costs us USD 115 each!!! Seems abit expensive, but dont think I’m gonna be here again anytime soon. So might as well take the opportunity. Check out the rest of the pics on Flickr. 🙂

Note to all, although it might seem like I’m on vacation, I’m NOT! Been working till 830pm every nite…. Can only wonder ard on wkends.

— Some pics from the trip —

In the train 











Tour guides 











 My tour guides

























Superb view














6 thoughts on “Winery Tour

  1. Woo .. that Chillian tour guide (female one lar – in the second pic) is hhhhhot! Would not mind spending that much for the tour if its guaranteed that she’ll be my tour guide 😉 Know her name by any chance???

  2. Thanks… but some of the pics were taken by my collegue, Sandokan. Not too sure what’s her name. She was serving us wine in the train and Sandokan commented that she’s quite cute.

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