Stupid question

If you have a 6.0 Mega Pixels camera, does that mean the picture files are also 6M in size if the picture has 2816 pixels x 2112 pixels = 5,947,392 pixels?

I’m getting frustrated that

  1. I cant upload picture file which is more than 2Mb in size.
  2. I found out that the file size for the pics I have been taking is only abt 2.5Mb even though I have set my 6.0 mega pixel camera is set to take 6.0 mega pixel pictures!!

Can someone please enlighthen me… ?? Yes, even though I am ‘supposedly’ to be an expert in IT!

Quick update

I know the answer to my stupid question… mega pixels DOES NOT EQUAL TO mega byte! I am just so stupid. Even a normal people can see the difference.. it’s a totally two different things. so so stoopid!


2 thoughts on “Stupid question

  1. no no…not stupid Steph.. U know a lot of other “IT” things…. this goes more into the realm of Photo-IT hehehe….

    Ya it truly depends on what format u use.. I’m assuming JPEG in ur case… as well as the resolution and compression of the image..

    some cameras might allow u to choose different resoultions, smaller being good for email and larger good for bigger prints..

    the compression is normally set by using the ‘quality’ setting of ur camera (if present: from biggest to smallest size – ‘fine’, ‘standard’ and something like ‘economy’

    lastly, ur contrast range in your scenes that u take would also play a role, if u should something with low contrast eg. a white wolf on a snowy tundra would tend to result in a smaller file at ur cameras highest setting than shooting a field of flowers with different colours with a blue sky (normally higher contrast range)

    I would simply suggest taking ur pics at the best quality settings (if memory card space permits) and resizing them later using photoshop (Picasa is good too – just export to another file at set the resolution lower), then it will be easier to upload.. 😉

    hope that helps…sorry for the long comment

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