2nd Weekend

Santiago Map 

It’s sunday, and the day is fast ending. It’s surprisingly quiet on Sunday where we stay as we’re situated in the business area. The initial plan was to walk around the city centre to have a feel of the people, the place and ultimately the country. Sandokan and I even bought a city map to assist us. But I’ve been advised not to do that.

So what have we done so far? We took a winery tour yesterday (will write about that some other time) and we went to a Flea Market and shopping mall today. Didnt buy anything. The stuff here are relatively more expensive. The shopping mall nearby the hotel is HUGE. They have all the branded store like MNG, Zara, Polo, Tous, etc. Checked out the Apple Mac store to find out the price for the Ipods. After conversion, the Shuffle costs more than RM400! Definitely not a shopping paradise if you dont hv the $$.

Actually the living standard here is quite expensive. A normal meal would cost me at least USD 10. And this is not even eating in posh, fine-dining restaurant. A big bowl of salad would costs USD 8. That’s like approx RM 30. So cant really save on my daily allowances.

Oh, besides that, I’m also getting frustrated with WordPress as I can’t load my pics on its original size (see previous post)!!! Finally after 2 hrs of surfing the net for a solution, I gave up and email a friend for advice. Hopefully I’ll get a response soon.


One thought on “2nd Weekend

  1. Como estas,
    Woi SF, lu pigi kerja or holiday ah?? Sounds like you’re having too much fun without your friends! Anyways take loads of pictures please mana tau, maybe in the future can get ‘reference’ pictures from you 😛

    Nice apt you have too… London when?

    Take care,

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