Chilean Food

Finally managed to try some typical Chilean food. One of the local auditor was very kind to take us out to dinner on Wed. I have requested to be taken to a local Chilean restaurant and she took us to this restaurant at the foot of the Andes.

According to World InfoZone, staple foods in Chile are bread, beans and potatoes. Like a typical Western restaurant, bread is normally serve as before starter. Besides butter, there is also a plate of tomatoes mixed with onions & herbs to go with the bread.

So I had the following for dinner


For starter, we had ‘Empanada De Pino’. A typical turnover filled with diced meat, onions, olives, raisins and a piece of hard-boiled egg, baked in earthen oven. Very feeling. Almost like a sherperd pie minus the mash potatoes.


Then for main, I had ‘Pastel De Choclo’. This is a typical Chilean summer dish. It contains ground corn and meat, chopped onions, small pieces of chicken (mine had a chicken drumstick), pieces of hard-boiled egg, olives and raisins. This dish is also baked in clay.

Dinner Party

A group of satisfied customers :). Let me intro:on the left is Sandokan (Brazilian) and the left is Ingrid (Chilean).


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