Sandokan: The Pirates of Malaysia

Let me introduce the colleague whom I’m working together here in Chile. His name is Sandokan and he’s from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He’s the IT Auditor for the Latin America & the Caribbean Region (Lacar).

On the first day of work, he told me his name is very famous in Latin America. Why? Becos he was named after a fictional character in a very famous novel – ‘Sandokan: The Pirates of Malaysia‘. I was abit shy when he told me cos he asked me whether I’ve heard of this… and I honestly told him no.

So we did a google on Sandokan, and the search results came back with more than 800k results! Have a read about the author and a brief history on this novel from Wikipedia. Does anyone know this character?


2 thoughts on “Sandokan: The Pirates of Malaysia

  1. Never heard of him either. But then again when you look at years that all the books are published, neither one of us or even our parents are around yet.

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