Spanish culture – Lesson 1

When I first met my Brazilian colleague one yr ago in London, first thing he did was to kiss me on the cheek… TWICE! That was a shocker… but when we meet again the second time in London, I was already comfortable in doing the kissing thing. Strangely enough, I also do this cheek kissing thing with my south african colleagues when we meet after long time no see.

Based on my conversation with my colleague over lunch today, it seems like it’s a Latin American way of greeting ppl. You only kiss the cheeck of your friends of the opposite sex (once, twice or three times depending on the country). Men never kiss the cheeck of another men (unless you’re in Argentina) but men will hug each other as a greeting. He did mentioned that Latin America’s men are very macho, so he doesnt understand why Argentinean guy would subject themselves to an act which will compromise their ‘macho’ figure. Was laughing quite badly when he told me that… I guess there’s always the sensitive side to things.

So how many kisses have I obtained so far since I arrived? I’m glad to say only two. Once from my brazilian colleague and another from the Chilean auditor (men of course). Sorry babe, hope you dont get jealous.. it’s the culture here. It’s rude not to be kissed! hehehehehe


4 thoughts on “Spanish culture – Lesson 1

  1. its also a culture amongst middle-easterners…though its a cheek-to-cheek kiss, 2-3 times…..

    and its also a culture amongst my very close Malay friends (and the Chinese that are in that group) ….. 🙂

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