Apple iPhone

Cant believe they really have ventured into telco. Check out the new Apple iPhone at

The phone looks very sleek. Not sure whether it will work as described. The phone will run on OS X. Didnt know OS X can be run on a phone!

Anyone volunteer to get me one? hehehehehe 😛


9 thoughts on “Apple iPhone

  1. Or you can check the apple website itself:

    and see the flash presentation on how the browser system works… touch screen, web browsing via safari…very Mac interface-ish (d’uh..they ARE apple)…nice though…

    Currently its US$499 for the 4Gb version (they also have the 8Gb) and currently only AT&T supports it…so it will only be available to US mainly…

    Us here in Malaysia have to wait awhile….. if not forever…. (not that I intend of getting one myself mind you….. would rather spend the money on another lens for my dSLR .. 😀 )

  2. Hey Peggy,

    Wot happened to PSP? I think it’s better than an Ipod. You can watch movies and surf Internet on it as well. 😛

  3. “Are you giving me iPod Nano for my belated birthday present for last year too ? ;p” (muahahahah)

    What a coincidence, I was browsing through ipod nano just before. Thinking of getting one for myself since I walk to work and music can definitely entertain me.

    David….you’re a bad influence! PSP not good for her studies!!! Dont feed her with too much infos.

  4. I dont like PSP . Very heavy . Nano is good enough for me . Plus , I am not into video games . Erm , why dont I just give you heree ? The 4Gb is rm 939 and the 8Gb is 1149 . So which one are you getting mee ? Yeaa lahh . Dont use give me maa ;p

  5. Seriously a shuffle would be adequate. It’s small enough that you won’t noticed it when you carry it around. It’s perfect when you exercise or when you go for a walk in the mall like me this is from experience.

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