I'm here!

Hola! I’m finally in Santiago! What a long journey… First thing I did when I arrived at the service apartment (in the afternoon) is to sleep till the next morning. Funnily I am still having jet lag after 3 days! I am writing this at 7.15 am. Woke up at 5am. I figured instead of wasting the time lying on bed, might as well do something. So did some stretching, had breakfast and started typing this post.

Santiago, Chile Chile… it’s has a weird shape (Check google for Chile map). And Santiago is situated right smack in the middle, which is categorised as Central Chile. This country is surrounded by the coast in the west and Andes range on the left. No joke about the mountains. As the plane was descending, first thing you’ll notice is the mountain on both side of the plane. Even on my way to the city, the mountain scenery is spectacular!I had a panic attack when I couldn’t see the company driver at the arrival hall. I knew I have arrived earlier than expected so I decided to call the driver and for some strange reason my phone didn’t work! There were so many taxi drivers lingering ard the arrival hall and one even followed me ard… so scary. Then after a while another taxi driver started asking me whether I need a taxi and I politely declined and said that the company had sent someone. He was a very nice person, he asked me from which company and helped me ask around (trust me there was ALOT of ppl). Then when he couldn’t find the driver, he assisted me to make a call at the public phone and couldn’t get through the line. Imagine… situation got worse. Well, I guess it’s not that bad since I figure I can still take the airport taxi to the hotel if the driver REALLY didn’t turn up. Then after like 10 mins waiting and looking ard, the same taxi driver took out his mobile phone and started calling the number and he got through!! So he told the driver where I was waiting and 5 mins later the driver came! THANK GOD! Luckily I bumped into a nice airport taxi driver.

I’ve been put up in a one room service apartment, which is very cosy and nice. It’s damn near the office (less than 5 min walk). The apartment is fully furnished. It even has an oven, microwave and cooking utensils. So all I need to do is just head to the supermarket to get some snacks. The apartment has wooden floor, the kitchen is in all white cabinets and so is the room and bathroom. Dav would love it! See pics below:

Living Room Kitchen Bedroom

Bathroom & Wardrobe

One major problem I have over here is communication. Everyone speaks Spanish here. Even ppl who works in the service/ tourism industry tends to speak very little English. Thank god I’m not here alone. I’m working with my Brazilian colleague who can speak Spanish. So he has been by interpreter and will be for the next 3 wks! Hehehehehe One funny comment I got from my sis, Jasmine was ‘It’s weird how come ppl in speaks Spanish’.

It’s not weird Jas!! Chile was a colony of Spain… so naturally they speak Spanish!! Waahahahahaha For those that don’t have a clue, majority of South American people speaks Spanish as Spain conquered a lot of the countries here last time except for Brazil, which was a Portuguese colony. Therefore Brazilian speaks Portuguese. I need learn a few basic Spanish words soon… since I’m gonna be here for 3 wks. Currently I can only say ‘ola’ (hello), ‘gracias’ (thank you) and ‘si’ (yes). 🙂

Last thing I want to write about is the daily breakfast supplied by the apartment. There is no restaurant in the service apartment but part of the rate includes breakfast. Every evening the maid would bring the next day’s breakfast to the apartment and nicely lay it out on a tray and store it in the fridge.

Daily breakfast

Breakfast consists of:

  • 2 slices of bread
  • Fruit juice and milk (1 packet each) Milk is wasted as I’m lactose intolerant
  • 2 slices of cheese and ham
  • Snacks

I think I’m going to be sick of this breakfast by end of the week. I’m missing my babe’s half boil eggs and nasi lemak already! Reminder to self… go to supermarket!

Thats all for now. Adiós


5 thoughts on “I'm here!

  1. hi Cat, was ‘diagnosed’ towards my final yr in Flinders (when u were not ard anymore). Had a serious of stomachace/diarhoe probs and doc couldnt find out why. Even took stool samples to check if got bacteria. But still cannot pin-point. So the doc just say maybe its irretable bowel.. and ask me to lay off diary products. 🙂

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