Shuffle or Ipod?

I’m packing my bags now…. one item which is an absolute must to bring along is my MP3 player to keep me entertained! So now that I’ve got a choice between the ‘new & trendy’ Shuffle and ‘old but huge capacity’ Ipod..

Dav suggested that I just bring the shuffle as its small, easier to carry n can store up to 240 songs! One person wont be able to listen to all 40G worth of songs in one go! Agreed, but as I’ve lost all the mp3 files and Itunes does not allowed me to transfer songs from one to the other (I’ve tried several times!), I’m back to square one.

I’m even thinking abt bringing both! Which will be quite ridiculous…. how how how? sigh….

I think I’ll bring the shuffle….


3 thoughts on “Shuffle or Ipod?

  1. But shuffle is SMALLER and looks WAY COOLER than the IPod! hahahaha I’ve decided and didnt change my mind. I’ve got the shuffle with me 😛

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