Roadtrip to Kuantan

We have decided to stay home on the New Year’s eve and have a roadtrip instead the next day. It’s been awhile since we have done that, and it was perfect timing to spend some quality time with Steph as she will be away for awhile to Chile starting this week. (gonna miss you babe)

Not sure why, but Steph was eager to go Kuantan. So off we go, on an early Monday morning. I love driving, especially on a long drive to somewhere. The drive to Kuantan was pretty uneventful, I was expecting more cars on the road but it was practically deserted. Started off at 5am, we reached Kuantan at around 9.30am, could have made it there faster if not for the fog that covered a stretch of highway (was imagining the story “The Mist” from Stephen King, but nothing came out, oh well..)

Since we both love to eat, we made our first stop at a chinese kopitiam and had a bowl of curry meehon and wantan mee. Kopi-peng is always good in chinese kopitiam, so no exception here. After the meal, we drove off again to Teluk Chempedak, the famous hangout beach in town. I suppose, the famous make out place in town as well, judging by the throves of lovey-dovey couples that hanged out there at night. It would be a perfect place to rest and relax if not for the large groups of Mat Rempit that was around.

The sea was quite rough this time around and the waves was an amazing sight. We had a brief walk along the beach and took a few photos.



Another couple taking a walk along the beach.


Mussels! Unfortunately too small to cook.


After that brief walk, we decided to drive over to Cherating, which is about 50km away to check out a local and supposedly famous pub called Deadly Night Shade. Personally, I feel that Cherating beach was overhyped, nothing much to look at as the sea was so far away from the beach.

It took awhile for us to find the pub as it was located at the side of the hill, hidden behind trees! Too rundown to my taste and the place was too quite. Here’s an excerpt taken from Adventure Babies that perfectly describes the place, “the deadly nightshade……. an occultish, macrabre cottage with splintered ceiling that resembles some kind of new england hut, complete with pictures of ghouls, phantasmagoria, witchcraft collections and jagged almost incongruous trees that seem more artic than tropical…”. On top of that their sign says that they’re ‘different and eccentric’, now why would a pub call themselves weird and eccentric?

Since there’s nothing much to see or do, we decided not to hang around there and made our way back to Kuantan for the night. The plan was to wake up early in the morning to catch the sunrise. I made the mistake of renting a room with balcony that faces the road, the noise of motorcycles and cars passing by (I suspect mostly Mat Rempits) was too noisy for Steph. She was practically awake the whole night. I was contributing towards the noise as well with my snores (sorry babe).

The next morning at 6am, we walked to the beach, armed with a mat, so that she can nap while I wait for the sunrise. I was pretty bored by 7am, so started taking experimental pics. It was still dark at that time, so I had take pictures with long exposures, somehow the color is enhanced, and I’m quite pleased with the results.


7 sec exposure. The orange tinge was from the lampost lights along the beach. And over the yonder, you can see some twinkly lights from the gas & petroleum factories.

After sometime, it was apparent that we would not be able to see sunrise. It was covered by the clouds. Still it was nice to be at the beach to feel the cool breeze and hear the sound of the waves crashing in. A good trip, nevertheless.


6 thoughts on “Roadtrip to Kuantan

  1. I’m amazed and surprised that you beat me to post abt our first road trip for 2007!! It’s a really good post with the pics!

    I hope there’s more road trips for us in the future… 🙂

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