Moving On

AnnieI have been telling everyone that I will be moving since the last quarter of the year but have not done so. The reason? We need to relocate our pet dog Annie to Johor. And will need my second brothers help to do so. Because he was so busy and has been away overseas for his work, the plan was dragged on for a long time.

Annie has been part of our family since she was a puppy. My brother, Jackson brought her home one day much to my mum’s exasperation. She was named Annie in rememberence of our neighbor’s dog which understand the command “shake hand”. (Annie does that as well, if there’s food around or she wants something..)

When she was a puppy, nature call beckons every other minutes, and she leaves a yellow trail when she walks. I remembered how she would howl and wail when we lock her outside of the house every night wanting to come in. My mum quickly warmed up to her (who doesn’t?), soon, she was getting a bowl of warm milk every night.
(Even now, she will request for it from my dad or from me) To make her request known, she will get really close to you and will be breathing down your leg or sometimes will rest her head on your arms if you’re sitting down on the couch.

Funnily, Annie never developed that bark that dogs usually give to their owner to greet them when they come back. Instead, she has a weird squeak while wagging her tail. You can tell how much she likes you by the tail wagging. Whenever Jackson comes back from Penang, she would be doing the ‘helicopter’ wag instead of the normal side-to-side wag.

Today marks the first day that she is away from us. Take care Annie, and don’t be naughty. I’ll visit you as soon as I can.

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