Christmas has come and gone

We did quite alot of things the past few days. Firstly we spent some quality time together.

We went ‘jalan-jalan’ at Bangsar Village. I thought the new building was already opened. But it was not. So we walked ard the old building instead. We also had very nice dessert at Bakerzin. They have SSOOOO many dessert choices. This is what we had waffles and dessert tapas (3 selections).

dessert.jpg The owner of the shop used the Spanish tapas ideas and apply it to serve miniature desserts. It is a great idea indeed, normally for ppl who has a sweet tooth would want to order everything on the menu!! This dessert tapas actually allows u to order 3/5/7 different types of desserts to try. It was a very yummy meal!

ds-js.jpg On Christmas eve, we actually babysit Dav’s 3 yrs old nephew – Jeremy. He is Jackson’s son and they have just arrived from Penang that day. We were never brave enough to take care of Jeremy ourselves last time. But now that he is so much bigger and is able to walk & talk, we thought it wld be fun to take him to OU. So with his parent’s approval, off we went to OU with the promise that we will take him to see animals. I have to say it was not a bad experience at all! We made it home after 2 hours with no emotional scar! .. hehehehe I think we will be doing this again in the future when he’s in town.

So come Christmas day, Dav finally got to organised for a BBQ. He has been wanting to do this for quite a while (I think got one yr liao) but there’s always a reason it does not happen. Finally this year a friend offered his place for bbq. There was alot of food, alot of catching up with friends we had not seen for a while. There was also gifts exchange! Oh, we also tried bbq-ing crabs! It was absolutely GREAT! We’re planning to have another BBQ at my sis’s new house. 🙂

Talking about new hse, my elder sis got a new place and is currently in the midst of moving. Since I am not working, I spent one whole day yesterday helping her pack her clothes, kitchen and store room and moved it to the new place with my mum. Why I’m doing this? Cos she’s 5 months pregnant! At least we managed to move quite alot of things in such short time. The new plc is actually quite nice. Jasmine, if you’re reading this, I’ll send u some pics later.

That’s about all that happened. Oh, Max had a professional bath! hehehehe So he almost looks brand new now.

Christmas Card from Cat Also, I wan to say thanks to Cat for the lovely Christmas Card!! She’s the only one who still sends me christmas card via the snail mail!! Thanks girl!


2 thoughts on “Christmas has come and gone

  1. I’m still waiting for the pictures!!! Glad you had a good xmas. Mine is not too bad. Had a turkey xmas lunch in jeslyn’s and all-day-shopping on boxing day in Manchester. I cant wait for the brand new year to come. So looking forward to go back home and our Japan trip.


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