The site is almost done!

Been quite busy lately, esp with the launch of this new web site of ours. Then Dav brother’s family was in town, then it was Christmas, then have to help my elder sis move house, then our country’s internet link is down due to the earth quake in Taiwan. This post is gonna take ages to be loaded! But I will still have to try!

The basic items on this site is up. We’re still looking into putting up a photo gallery & also for me to complete one more page.

As Dav has delegated the duty of answering the burning question of ‘WHY’ we move our blog to yours truly, I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. It was the night before Christmas eve, both of us were chit chatting while browing the net, when suddenly Dav suggested that we should get our own domain and maintain a web site. Within an hour we have gotten a domain name, paid for it and patiently waited for it to be delivered! Yes, it was that easy (Thanks to Jacky!).

I have alot to blog about but the internet is WAY WAY TOO SLOW. So, I’ll continue by breaking the posts into bits of small pieces…


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