Black toe nails

This is Dav’s toe nails. Not it’s not painted with black nail polish. Our hero wore wrong shoes to jungle track & hiking. This is the end results.
He says the toe nails are dead. So he’s waiting for it to fall off. I told him, it’s just gonna get infected. I think deep down he’s afraid to go see the doc!
Hey Cat, what do you think he should do abt it?
Btw, his toes are making the peace sign! hahahahaha He said this is a double peace sign!

2 thoughts on “Black toe nails

  1. Oh dear…that was the consequence of wearing inappropriate footwear? And they say women suffer in high heels!The nail bed should be alright so he’ll just grow new nails and the dead bit will prolly just grow out. If it starts giving out smelly discharge/pus, prolly will need it pulled out and antibiotics. Better still, just get it pulled out now 🙂 Hope he or rather the nail gets better! Peace out :):)

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