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Went to Borders yesterday with Dav and we spent a good one hour in there reading… it’s quite funny how we would enter the bookstore and automatically head to which ever section we want to without even telling each other where we’re going. After a certain period of time, whoever is done first will start lookin for the other person.

How did I spent the one hour? First section was spent looking for a novel. Didnt find any ‘attractive’ book (I judge the book by its cover-hahaha). Then I saw Cat’s fav author – Maeve Binchy. She has two new books! I remember my first Maeve’s book was on loan from Cat while we were still housemates in Adelaide. Alrighty, one potential book to get!

Next, cooking section. There seems to THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of recipe book. Unfortunately Cat, there’s only one Nigella’s cookbook- the one on dessert. Since i’ve not even master the art of cooking mains, dont think it’s a good idea to go into dessert yet. Fine.. then found lots of Jamie’s book. I gave up looking for one after like 10mins. I’ve decided to resort to the free, easily available internet to look for recipe! Yes, I’m cheapsake! hahahahah

After these two sections, I found myself surrounded by travelling books. Good! Perhaps a book on Chile to prepare myself. So I sat down and read Lonely Planet and another traveller’s guide.

Seems like Chile is a must safer place than the rest of the Latin American countries. Virtually no corruption and the MOST interesting fact about this country is that, its current president is a FEMALE!

Wow! what a shocker… especially in a male dominated culture country… it’s very interesting indeed. Unfortuatntely all guides seem to point out a fact that there’s nothing much to do in the capital Santiago (which is where I’ll be stationed for 3 wks). If I wan to have a look at the country, I’ll hv to travel out of the capital. hmm.. tempted but no time. I know I shld take time off after the 3 wks to travel ard, but unfortunately I have to head home to process my Japan visa for the CNY family holiday! sigh.. so much choices but limited time. Will just hv to make do with the time I have while i’m there.

So, it’s very much just Santiago and around!


2 thoughts on “Book Store

  1. What a coincidence! I just came back from Borders myself. Joel and I love that place! We always leave with something.I really, really, really wanted to get Nigella’s How To Eat & How To Be A Domestic Goddess as you can sign up with Borders and get regular discount coupons via email up to 30%. But due to Xmas season, they were all out :(:(:(Chile sounds sooo exciting! My gf went to South America and will be going there again next year. She loved it!PS: Eh…how much leave you get per annum-ar? I want to travel more but just can’t 😦 My next leave is in Dec 2007!!!!!!

  2. I have ard 23 days I think. I’m force to take leave cos company dont allow leave to be brought forward to the following year. So there’s good n bad side to having too many leaves!

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