It's Official!

No.. i’m not getting married.. hahahahah
My holiday starts today!

Been thinkin what I should do for the next 2 weeks. All ideas are welcomed!
Currently have the following in mind:

  • SLEEP! this is very important, as i need plenty of sleep to recover from my flu/ sinus
  • Organise wkend away with Dav
  • Help Dav get his Chile tickets
  • Read
  • Get new cook book (Cat, will let you know soon on the title. I’ll also check out Nigella & Jamie’s books if they have it here)
  • Help my sis sell her un-wanted books (I might add mine to the pile)
  • Work on this blog’s template. (It kinda sucks at the moment – DULL!)
  • Catch up with friends
  • Help my elder sis move house

That’s about it I think…


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